Monday, March 28, 2011

Creepy Music Videos

Is it just me or have music videos become incredibly creepy and weird these days? I've gotten into the habit of having Much Music on while I go about my day. I just saw one of Kesha and even though I kinda expect her videos to be weird, this one was super strange! She starts out talking to Unicorn people about how she said something to a bear and thats why shes president...or somthing or other. And it just keeps getting weirder! She makes out with a unicorn, theres a fight in the end in which the unicorns get shot and spew out rainbows....ya, you have to watch it. Another creepy video...tho I have no idea who it was by or what the song was. It was a video and there was a giant chocolate bar on an operating table and everyone was watching and it was all dark and creepy like it was going to die and in the end a little girl came out of the chocolate bar....yes you must also search for that one. Sooooo creepy. What happened to the days when music videos made sense? And don't even get my started on Lady Gagas new one!


Lauren said...

:P You are easily creeped out.

Tanisha said...

AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH. Omgsh. This video is ridiculous. Van der Beek is ridiculous and Kesha doesn't know how to sing...
*la sigh*

All I have to say is:

Eat Crayons, Poop Rainbows.