Thursday, March 24, 2011

4 reasons why my day rocked!

1. I started out my day with my brother showing me some really great spots for photoshoots. I found a place that has a field with long grass, a little piece of river with a rock beach and a sand beach, AND a trail through the woods. Three in one! Jackpot! I can't wait to shoot there!

2. I'm getting a roommate! Normal people would not be this excited but I can't help it! Living on your own gets boring! My friend Alanna arrives in just over a week. I'm in the process of moving all of my stuff out of the room and into my new room. I also really love my new room. I took the small one because I don't really have that much stuff in my room. I'm finding that I love the small room even more than the big one! I like that my bed touches three of the four walls lol. I'm weird like that.

3. I made a photography page on facebook and as of this minute I have 45 "likes" on it! I'm sooo happy! I also tentatively booked 7 photoshoots! SEVEN! Crazy! This was all within 3 days! I feel so great I can't even describe it.

4. One of my bestfriends, Lauren, made me some super awesome photography flyers that I can put in the staff rooms at work. I love them soooo much! She is so talented. If you have no idea who she is I recommend you go look her page right this second! She also designed my Bonsai jewelery cards. I love them!

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Lauren said...

Glad you like them! and w00t on the 45 likes!