Friday, October 15, 2010

Awesome and not so awesome news!

The Bad

So I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I start to smell crap. I figure charlie is just "doing his business" in the litter box. Then it becomes worse....I see him walking around with crap hanging out of his butt! Walking like a pregnant lady and DRAGGING HIS BUM ACROSS MY FLOOR! I was not impressed...not impress at all. To top that off he was on my furniture so now i need to wash all my slip covers (which were just washed) and wipe down everything else! AND wash my floor. Now my house smells like crap. *sigh* and I dont even know what rooms he was now i have to go search out crap. Having a kitten can be very unfun. So needless to say i had to give him a bath (lol he HATED it) and I wrapped him in a towel while he pouted and shivered. So now hes at moms with Fang while I clean my entire house. Bad, bad, bad! But on to some good news...

The Good... Great AWESOME!

I got a cheque from The Happy Tree Company! I sold 4 earrings and 1 earring and ring set! Im sooo happy! I am also $31.20 richer. So happy. PS. I have started up an Etsy store. I still need to post some things to sell on it but I will let you know when the grand opening is!


Anonymous said...

Awesome and not so awesome.

Jadekitty said...

Oh my word.. Yeah that's the bad kind of needing to clean. So glad you took your stuff to Happy Tree!