Saturday, October 16, 2010


Todays to do list:

Eat lots of soup and hope that this cold goes away. I got a delicious tomato and basil soup at Safeway. Its sooo yummy!

watch one of my favorite Halloween movies, Halloweentown! I love it partly because made for TV Disney movie rock! and one of my favorite actresses stars in it! Thats right! Debbie Reynolds! Even as an old lady she is so stinkin cute! If you don't know who she is.....well shame on you. She is the ever so talented actress who sang and danced her way to stardom with Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain. Debbie Reynolds is amazing!

Finish cleaning my house. I hate cleaning, but someones gotta do it!

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Jadekitty said...

yum soup :) Hopefully the kitty will be good from now on.