Friday, April 09, 2010

Internet no more

After months of dealing the Telus sending me the wrong thing, telling me I can't exchange it, having the device they send me not work properly, having to call yet again to get it to work, then realizing that because of where I live their little internet stick gets the worst signal ever, THEN I get my bill which was almost $300 in over usage fees alone! Finding out that I was going over their limit I then figured out how to monitor my usage, THEN it stopped recording it and I had noooo idea how much I was using. Bill comes again! This time almost $600! The lady on the phone said that they can't transfer my account to an actual internet modem because Telus Internet and Telus Mobility are two different companies (like who knew that?) So the most she could do was switch over my 2 YEAR CONTRACT to a phone. Well bright one, everyone in the country owns a cell phone so it doesn't help me much there. This was back at the beginning of the year she told me this. But alas my 3 year contract with Bell is up in June! Lucky me! So I'm actually quite lucky that I need a new phone and that my contract is almost up. So it pretty much goes without saying that I am going to switch it over to a phone. I'm going to go look at them this week and figure out the plans and such. I'm quite happy to get a new phone, and ever HAPPIER that I am getting rid of this dreaded internet! I miss the days of Shaw where they didn't care how much time I spent on the internet uploading and downloading. I was dreading getting internet in my appartment because I had no idea who to go with and such and then I heard a knock at the door. It was a guy from Shaw! Offering internet! I made a time right then and there for them to come hook it up! It was THAT simple! They never once made me pay more than the 20 something dollars that I was charged in the beginning. Which if I might add Telus charged me $30 a month....without the extra usage fees. Oh Shaw if only you were in Terrace!

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