Sunday, June 14, 2009

My new home!

This is my new home! We are making major changes to it before I move in though. These are the before photos. Lots of work to be done! I hate wallpaper! The whole place was pretty much covered in wallpaper. Its sooo annoying to take down. We are taking down all the wallpaper, sanding the walls, filling the paneling with drywall mud and then sanding that and then I can prime and paint. Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. I can't wait to have my own place again! I'm still trying to figure out paint colours. Any ideas?

Spare Bedroom (which I'm turning into a walk-in closet cuz its tiny!) and the
Hallway. After I pulled off the wallpaper I found a growth chart! There were four kids...thats alot of kids for such a tiny house! They all have hillbilly names lol.

The living room with the hideous pink carpet. I'm learning to accept it because I dont think we will have the money to replace it....but who knows! Theres me and Taraben fighting the wallpaper off the walls.
My kitchen and the Mudroom (not a great picture of it). Oh! John (The guy who lived there before) left the couch and two end tables! Which is awesome cuz I needed a couch!

Bedroom...*puke*. The wallpaper is sooooo ugly! AND...its two different kinds plus a boarder. FRIG! It's taking forever to do this room. And again, it has the ugly pink carpet.
The bathroom! Ya...its probably the worst part of the whole house. You cant really see in the picture but the silver stuff on the mirror has come off in spots which makes it have big black spots. Its sooo ugly! I don't know what I'm going to do about that. The washer and dryer are pretty new. I'm also going to set up a clothes line in the backyard to save on my hydro bills.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I like the open layout of the kitchen! Great for Parties ;) I really like grey for a wall color. I know that sounds so weird, but I saw a picture of it on a website. The person had grey walls then really really bright art, pillows, oversized photo prints, was so cool! So grey is my vote! :)
(I had to post Anonymous, cause I couldn`t sign into my google account...arg!!)

Anonymous said...

This is a website that I love for design, color etc... Check out `Sneak Peeks` for peoples house albums:

-Ruth :)

Jadekitty said...

why did I miss this post.. my reader is odd. so here I am way late! Thanks for posting photos.. wish I was there to help.