Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finally Finished!

Read 5 books that have movies based on them (1/5)
1. My Sisters Keeper √

I finally finished it today! It was sooo good! It takes me forever to read books. Even when they are super good books (like this one). I cannot wait to see the movie! I don't understand how they picked Cameron Diaz for the mother. She is NOT who I would pick to play the mother. But maybe she will surprise me.


Ruth said...

I felt the same about Cameron Diaz...I had pictured about 4 different actresses and she was NOT one of them!

Jadekitty said...

I am curious about this book, but I will wait for the movie, my shelves are full of books to read.

deedee said...

i almost cries in that book! it was so good!