Friday, June 12, 2009


Today my mom and I went to a garage sale at the E-Free. It was a fundraiser for a missions trip to Honduras. This is what I got for $3.00! The cups were 10cents each (incredibly good condition, almost new), fondue set was $1.00 (it looks like it has only been used once. It came in the original packaging), the tray was $1.00, and the cheese knife and book were around 25cents each. My mom also got a book and a big bag of crochet wool....well i guess its not wool....I don't know what its called. She was very happy since normally each ball would be about $2.00 and she got the whole bag for $2.00.

PS! If you don't know already, my parents bought a trailer across the street and I get to live there! I'm sooo excited to have my own place again! The lady is coming to drop off the keys tomorrow! I cannot wait! :)


Jadekitty said...

Trailer on the same street? or closer to Thornhill? That is awesome!
I love a good bargain and you guys sure got one.

Ruth said...

WOOT!!! You must have a house warming party and we can all bring you gifts to adorn your home!!! :)