Tuesday, December 09, 2008


My latest TV obsession: Privileged

Because who doesn't love Joanna Garcia? She was awesome in Reba! I looked up the other two actresses though I cant find anything good with them in it. Though I did find an interesting fact! The oldest girl (the one on the left) has the same birthday as me! Exactly the same! Same month, same day, same year! Cool eh? It's based by the book "How to teach filthy rich girls" by Zoey Dean. I am going to look for the book and see if its any good. I will probably love it just because I LOVE the show.


Tamara said...

I must be sheltered because I've never heard of this show! lol

But I MUST say, thanks to you, I am officially in love with "The Office" I bought seasons 1 & 2 for myself..so I'm hoping to get seasons 3 & 4 for Christmas!! lol When you're here we'll have to have a marathon.

Mia said...

Bonz Bonz,

I love this show, Im so glad im not the only one out there who is watching it! I totally wanna read the book now!!