Monday, December 08, 2008

Packing...Update #1

So I was going threw things and working on my packing when I came across the pictures that Shelly, Laura, Tanisha and I took at Sears Portrait Studio for my 21st birthday!! It was tons of fun. So I decided to take a break at scan them! Here are our fabulous pictures, taken by the one and only Sylvia ♥!

We are all 21! Woot! 1987 babies!

Tani + I

Shelly + I

Pile on Bonnie! (this was very painful...tho you can't tell by the huge smiles)

Laura + I



Tamara said...

Aw cute!! Packing sucks..but finding random things you haven't come across in awhile is the BOMB!

Clover said...

oh, i love that last pic of you bon~! you look so thoughtful, and... peaceful! :D

Jadekitty said...

They look like amazing beautiful friends :)