Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Not that I'm complaining or anything. I am not very fond of the snow. But a winter without snow? Its like an oreo cookie. Everyone loves the cream filling but they arn't so fond of the crunchy chocolate cookies. But it would just be WRONG if the cookie pieces weren't there. Just because snow is not my bestfriend doesn't mean he cant show up this year! Now I know when I get back home theres going to be enough snow to feed all of Africa. But I'm just in shock that it is almost the middle of December and we still haven't seen a single snowflake! Haha and what makes it better is that Burnaby's little symble is a snowflake! HA! Ya anyways....that is my random comment of the day. No snow...but LOTS and LOTS of rain!


Tamara said...

There has been a couple days of snow here...but it's pretty much all melted at the moment. (KNOCK ON WOOD.) I hope we get snow on Christmas Eve...6 inches, just enough to make everything white. THEN on boxing day it can melt and go right back to being 5 degrees for the remainder of winter.

leah said...

bonnie... seriously WHY are you leaving Vancouver?! update me!

Christy said...

Bonnie...there is no snow here either!