Monday, November 17, 2008


I have way too many pictures! It was hard to pick just a few (as you can tell by the insane amount of pictures in this post!) But hey, pictures are better than words. After all a picture says a thousand words! So here are all the wonderful people I will miss and all of our wild, wacky adventures! ♥

These two are from my 21 birthday!

Valentines Day Banquet

Haha! I love this picture!

Me & my two Lauras

Jannie & The Boninator

Sharmila & I

English Bay

Nikki Nikki & I!

Girls Bible Study from last year

Tani pies!

Tani & I and her awesome Halloween costume (taken a year ago!)

Girls Night! Pride & Prejudice & human pyramids!

Jillian & I at Deer Lake

Me & my girls! Photo Shoot at Deer lake!

Sam & I on the skytrain! On our way to Lissy's birthday!

More girls nights!

Beth & I at Deer Lake with our little cream puff things we got
from TNT Supermarket (an asian supermarket)


Tamara said...

You look like a little muslim girl in the valentine's photo lol

Anonymous said...

ah, birthdays... wished i could've been there! i'M sure it was tons of fun! oh, and reminding me of PUMPKIN PIE!!! ahhhhh. i want some NOW!