Monday, November 17, 2008

Change of Address

So as a few of you know, I am considering moving back to Terrace. I have planned it all out. I want to continue working with photography so I am going to go to the In Focus, and Walmart studios while I'm in town for Christmas. I'm preparing a resume and portfolio before I go. So if they will hire me then I'll come back, give my months notice for my apartment and get rid of all my furniture! I'm kind of excited! So you guys are probably thinking "what the crap! why would you want to move back?" And here is my reason! I want to travel. Living at home would save me sooooo much money and if I get the studio job then I will still be doing what I want to be doing....just in a place were my whole paycheck doesn't go to rent. I'm thinking I'll stay for about half a year to a year. But it's not finalized yet. So ya, I'm moving back to save money so I can go traveling! :D I wanna go to Europe! Depending on how soon I get the money I might go to Isreal to visit a friend. I'm excited, but there are sooooo many people I am going to miss! My next post is dedicated to all my awesome friends that I will miss alot!! Then the next is all the things I am excited for in Terrace (ya i know...hard to believe...but there are a few!)

* I am coming back for Christmas: December 22- January 12 *


Jadekitty said...

soooo if I was home for Christmas I could see you?

Tamara said...

EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee I can't even handle the excitement of hanging out with you again!!!