Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bollywood Night!

Tonight we had Bollywood Night at Tanisha's place! Tanisha was educating us about the life of an Indian. Her aunt and uncle made some awesome food! We also had some take-out. Butter chicken! Yum, yum! The food was so good! The curries were amazing! We watched a bollywood movie! It's called Kal Ho Naa Ho. It was soo long, but it was so good! It was like a Disney movie the way they would break out into song! Haha! Love it! It was also quite educational for the guys lol. It was teaching that you avoid a woman you like to get her confuced and they she falls for you. Haha it was halarious! It was my first ever bollywood movie and it surely will not be my last!

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Tamara said...

I -love- Bollywood movies!