Monday, November 17, 2008


Here are some of the things I'm excited for!

Spending time at my favorite places! Such as Granite!

Seeing the Brousseau munchkins!

Spending time with Tamara...and...

Mandy and...

Jenna and...


Snuggling, Annoying, and making fun of Nobby!

A chance to get to know Taralyn better!

Seeing my Family!

And who can forget!? Photo Shoots! : )

And creepy friends! : )


Jadekitty said...

Hello.. I think you are missing a very important part of Terrace. there is 12 of them.. and some days I claim to be related.

Bonnie said...

lol ya I know! But I couldn't find a picture of them! I have tons of mels, but none of all the kids. I cannot wait for our photo shoot! Aaron might help out. :)

Tamara said...

I didn't realize until a second ago that I was in the background of that last photo...CREEPY!

I did a presentations with miranda yesterday in Sociology..we got an A

Anonymous said...

how did i not know you had a BLOG?!!