Monday, March 03, 2008

Another Awesome Sunday!

It seems that my Sundays are always the best day of my week. I mean once I get over the waking up early bit. That's always hard...but church is always worth it. Todays service was about reconciliation. It was really good. Then I went to The Flux Sunday School. Which is really just a class for young adults. We had a great discussion! Then I went to White Spot to get some yummy food before Sabs (Sunday Afternoon Bible Study). Nikki lead today! It was about talking to God and hearing Him. I got alot out of it...well actually I got a lot out of Sunday School as well. God has practically been speaking to me through a megaphone. I'm realizing that God really has called me to go to YWAM. Well actually I don't know if he's called me to go for sure but I know He's calling me to actually take a step in that direction and talk to the people at the YWAM base.

So onwards with the day. Before Sabs I checked my phone and I had a voicemail. So I listened to it and it was a callback! It was from Rickys. Its a restaurant in Metrotown! Which is awesome because Metrotown is soo close to my place! I haven't talked to the manager yet but I'm gunna call tomorrow and I'll hopefully get an interview! I really hope I get the job...I'm becoming so poor!

So to finish up where I left off earlier about Sabs and lunch. Oooo random info: I had sweet potato fries at White Spot! They were sooooo good! So yes...umm after that I hung out with Nikki for a bit! Oh random other awesome info: Tim made me an origami duck! Hehe! It was cool. Though the monkey he made was much cooler. So anyways Nikki and I hung out....WHICH THIS IS THE PART THAT YOU REALLY SHOULD BE READING..... So one time at girls bible study Nikki had to go pick someone up...or somthing....she had to leave the house for some reason. So Tanisha and I edited her profile on facebook (her fault really for leaving yourself signed in lol) and so to get me back she changed my profile today. Hence why you all think I'm dating someone. May I add that it was just way too entertaining that I couldn't bring myself to stop her form changing my profile. It was actually wayyyy better before it deleted all the info she typed in. And just a random note for Rachelle... if there was something important in my life like me having a boyfriend you would be one of the first people to know! Not to mention that I would defiantly need your opinion on the guy before it was finalized!

So on to another wow I sure have alot to say tonight! So after all the excitement of the day I went to Engie's for girls night! It was great. We ate awesome pizza that Engie made as well as alot of junk food. We watched The Jane Austen Book Club. It was really good. Defiantly recommend it! I didn't really like it the first time i saw it....but for some reason it was much better the second time. So ya, I think that pretty much wraps up another awesome Sunday!


DaRcI said...

I'm happy that you have a direction to run :)
I totally missed this whole facebook ep b/c I tend to take sundays off from the internet.

Tamara said...

Yeah I pretty much panicked when I saw that you had a boyfriend and DIDN'T TELL ME! lol
I have to agree with you on Sundays being the absolute bloody best