Friday, March 07, 2008


Tonight I went to my first ever hockey game! I won tickets at the FLuX banquet awhile ago and since there were two tickets I invited Tyler to the game. When we got there I was amazed at how many people were there! I didn't think there would be as many as there were just because it was a Giants game not a Canucks. What was even better was our seats! We had awesome seats! Row 5! It was great! Tyler pretty much told me what was going on during the game. I learned a lot! I can now somewhat understand whats going on in the game. We got some pictures, unfortunately I can't put them on my computer for while. I've lost my USB cord and have no idea when I'll find it. But when I do I shall put em up. So overall it was an awesome night! I have to say that watching hockey in person is sooooo much better than watching it on TV. It's funny to watch them fight! We missed the best fight but we saw it on the TV in the lobbyish place. I am slowly converting over to the dark side of being a hockey fan. *yawn* Well I'm off to bed!

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Adam said...

Awesome!!!!!!! Congratulations on your first game Bonnie! I was equal amazed when I went to my first and only hockey game in 2005.