Monday, October 15, 2007

FLuX + Girls Bible Study + Work

Last week at FLuX we talked about missions. With the FLuX there are two missions. One to Romania and one to Kenya. The Romanian one is more for people who have been to missions before and the Kenya one is basically a beginner mission trip. A few people who’ve been on mission trips in the past went up and spoke about them. It was really cool. I’m thinking about going on the Kenya trip. I’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip! My only problem is that I don’t have a passport! So I went to talk to one of the girls that spoke that night to find out where I can get the forms for a passport. But in the process of going over to her I met a girl named Kelsey. We ended up talking about passports and much more. She said that she heard the easiest way to do it is online. So I shall investigate. She was really entertaining and soooo funny. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time we we’re talking. As we talked we found out that we both go to the Saturday night service. So she told me to text her when I get there and we can find each other. So I’m really excited to actually sit beside someone I know in church this week. It sounds very pathetic but its not the same just sitting beside random people.

The first week I went to FLuX I met Nikki. She used to live in Prince Rupert. She is hosting a girls bible study. So yesterday I went to that. It was fun. A met a few people. We have a book that we are going to be reading and talking about and it sounds really good. I have yet to read it. But hopefully I can find time to read with my busy schedule! I am currently two weeks behind in the Bible and 90 Days reading! There is simply not enough time in a day!

On other news. For those of you who don’t know. I am working for Mountain West Studios. Now I know it sounds like wow! But its really really not. lol. First off for those who don’t have a clue who MWS are. They are a company who does school photos. The do practically (if not all) all the schools in Terrace. They are quite big. Yesterday I saw a box with Caledonia written on it! Lol. I’m excited to see peoples pictures! To see how many people I know! So anyways onward with what I do. You know how in school you get these little ID cards? Well I basically make those and GoCards(they are bus passes for the students in the lower mainland). And not like design them, that would be way cooler than my job. I basically laminate the pages then cut them in this machine (her name is Helga) then I sort them by numerical order and box them up for shipping. Yes that is my very exciting job. It’s not a very glamorous Job though I really like working there. The people are really cool and it’s nice not to work with customers! It’s only a temporary job and it ends sometime near the end of November or beginning of December. So without further ado I would like to announce that unless something comes up I will be coming home for Christmas! So I think that’s all the news for today! Which now that I look at it, it is like an information overload! Ciao!

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Tamara said...

Frig I love Bonnie updates!! Can't wait to see you at Christmas..Darci and I are going to be planning a homecoming! prepared. Dun dun dunnnnnn