Monday, October 15, 2007

Church News

Onward with the news! So as my little update thinger says on the “about me” page. I am going to Willingdon church. Which is actually really HUGE! A couple weeks ago I went to the Fall Festival were you can learn about different ministries. So I ended up talking to the Collage + Career Pastor. He told me to add him on facebook and keep in contact. So I added him and found a group called FLuX (which is the c+c group) So I joined and posted a msg introducing myself. Then on Wednesday I went to FLuX and met a few people. A couple of them told me that they read my msg on facebook and replied. Tho I haven’t read them yet since I don’t have internet yet. So it was really cool to actually meet people! I’m so excited. I’m also in a class thinger called “The Bible In 90 Days”. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like. It’s really cool but hard to make time to read my bible everyday. But I’m working on it! God has reviled so much to me and I haven’t even finished Genesis! So Things are going awesome here. I really love my job despite the fact that it is sometimes really boring and repetitious. But nonetheless I love it! I’m working tons but I will try to find time to update more often!

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Tamara said...

yay! Bonnie I'm so happy for you! It's a really hard thing to find a church in a new (and big) city..and loving your job is huge too! :)