Sunday, July 08, 2007

All You Can Eat!

So last week for cell we played (which most of you are quite familiar with) Settlers! Which I suck at btw. But someday I shall win! So after that we went to a little all you can eat sushi place. I think it was on Robson St. or maybe it was just near there. It was really cool and it was about $12 per person. We ordered a bunch of food and the waiter had a palm pilot that he put it all into. My favorite out of all the things I tried would have to be the vegetable tempura (which is alot like pakora but different) and the california rolls (which can you go wrong with california rolls?). We also had other things like teriyaki chicken and rice and other things. It was so much fun. We ate soo much. We could barely move, we were so full. So its definitely on my list to go back there! (cept next time I plan to eat much less so that I can actualy move afterwards!)

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Tamara said...

Aw sounds like lots of fun! I'm so glad you found a good church to go to!!