Monday, July 09, 2007

It's Beach Time!

So today Bonnie (my mom's friend) and I went to get fish and chips and go to the beach. It was great fun! I wish I had thought to bring my bathing suit. I didnt know we were going to the beach. So anyways i got my feet wet and ya....the water was really cold so I'm kinda glad that we didnt go swimming. So here's some pictures from Cates Beach...Park? I dunno. It's a beach and a park.

The Fabulous me!

My pink toes! Tams should be proud that I picked a fun colour :P

My name...well and her's spelt out in broken shells

Goosy Goosy

*So after we spent some time at Cates we went
over to Ambleside Park...or beach...jeez i dunno!*

The great view from Ableside Park! haha!

random bench at Ambleside Park


Tamara said...

I AM proud of you for your choice in a bright toe colour!! lol

Love the last picture..and of course the one of your lovely face!

DaRcI said...

augh, You posted and I totally didnt' even have time to catch up :) So I've offically caught up now :D I went to the lake today for a little while. How's the job hunting going?