Monday, June 25, 2007

News update from Vancouver!

So i know your all dieing to hear about the one and only me! So I've been here for a few weeks. I had my hopes set on a waitressing job but didnt find that. Instead I'm working at Tim Hortons. Which is actualy probably the best place to work since it is the closest to were i live. I'm getting full time which is awesome. Hmmm what else. Ive found a church. The Lynn Valley Full Gospel Church. I went to the young adults cell which actualy only had four people including me in it. I think alot of them are working and off at school and such. So ya that was great. Its great to be able to hang out with Lauren again. I missed her so much! Oh andof course. My mom and i went for gelato. My new favorite flavour is coconut. Its sooooooo good. For those of you who unfortunatly dont know what gelato is. It is italian ice cream. But i think the difference is it has less fat and more flavour. Its quite rich too so you cant eat as much as you could ice cream. And it comes in sooo many different flavours. My mom got rose was good....but weird. It tasted like roses smelt. But ya if your ever somewhere where they have gelato you have to try it! It is awesome! And hey, Audrey Hepburn ate geleto in Roman Holiday. So ya that makes it a million times more cool lol. Anyways....hmm....ya im not sure what else is new. Oh i got a new cell phone! Hmmm ya thats about it for now. I shall try to find time to post again! Miss you all! Ciao! Oh and in the fall i might stay and do my upgrading at the college here. My mom said that she would pay for an appartment for me if i wanted...well as long as im doing schooling. As well as pay for my schooling...but that was a given. Ive always know that she would pay for both mine and my brothers first year of college. So ya. I might stay after summer...i might hate it here by then. But ya for now i love it! And it would be great to get my grade 12. Being here makes college look alot more appealing. Theres so much more to choose from. And ya, its just awesome. Anyways i think thats all. Ciao!

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DaRcI said...

you better be going to school if you stay. I only let you leave cause you said you would come back in the fall.
Love you!! miss you!! Call Shell.