Saturday, June 09, 2007

Update time

Soo the last week i have been living at Darci's house. Which by the way was grand fun. But then again how could it not be? Stealing Leash & Mels beds, keeping Mels awake way past midnight, playing with the baby rats, helping Darci with wedding stuff while she gets distracted by facebook, and of course my favorite part, listening to the youngest two tell me stories about how I'm a very rich princess with an Australian prince living in a giant castle. lol. So now that the week is over I am back in my own bed and stress free from helping plan the wedding! Which is alot more stressfull than i thought. But it was fun. The wedding turned out great! It was fun. The deserts were tasty, the slideshows were great, and pushing the kidlets around on the wheely karts was sooo much fun! Expecialy since it made Aaron soo mad lol. Oh and trying to guess what the presents were while Aaron shook them lol. It was great fun! So that was my week. And today was my baptism! The water was sooooo cooold! Umm...what else happened this week.....*thinks*. Oh I'm leaving for Vancouver on Wednesday! :D Im not sure when ill get to a computer converting to snail mail! So email me your address and i shall send you letters! :D Buh byes!

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DaRcI said...

lol, just reading that made me laugh. oh am i ever glad it's over.