Thursday, June 28, 2007

Australia in Vancouver...and ranting about my job

Yesterday after work I went up town with Lauren and we stumbled across maybe the best thing in all of Vancouver! It was a pub called Moose's Down Under! It was an aussie pub! Haha...and well with Laurens mild...ok not so mild obsession with mooses and my MILD obsession with Australia we just had to go down and check it out. So one of the best things was that the waiters had accents! Haha...i know, i know, easily amused. We couldn't figure out if they were real accents or not. Cuz well....first off it would get really annoying faking one all day. And second it would be weird to hier only Aussies...and to find enough in Canada. Anyways ya it was still awesome. So now that i told you the greatness its time for the not so greatness. I HATE my job! It sucks. On my feet all day. I keep messing up orders. Today i was spost to make a turkey sandwhich and i got confuced and thought it was the turkey club sandwhich and put bacon on it. Then the guy said theres no bacon. So i was going to take it off. Then he got mad and wanted his money back and we had to throw the whole thing in the garbage. Man...i dunno if im cut out for this kinda work. I mean running around a tiny little area with hot coffee and sometimes 4 other people in the way....its not fun! And i burnt myself with hot tea was soooo painful! But ya...the worst is when i make a mistake then it gets me even more nervous and then i end up spilling somthing or like today i dropped an apple juice and it broke. Ya...that wasnt fun. Then my superviser person got annoyed with me and blah she has an accentish so its kinda hard to understand her somtimes...oh and she gets annoyed when i dont understand. But the rest of the time shes sweet as pie. Ya... Oh and theres the whole getting up at 6am part thats not so enjoyable. I've decided that im going to give it one more week and if i still hate it then im going to apply at Walmart. Because well...i miss walmart. Working in the clothing part was so much fun. And on the plus side if i dropped somthing it wouldnt break or burn someone and i wouldnt mess up orders there. And im sorry but people who havent had their morning coffee are not pretty. And they expect you to be able to meet their ever need in .2 seconds. Ya...GET OVER IT, IM NOT SUPER WOMAN! lol. Now...enough of my ranting lol. So thats my plan. Oh and woot woot! I got my first pay check today! :D



Tamara said...


You should apply at the Aussie pub..not to work there, just to find out if they expect you to fake an accent or if they expect you to be a native. I really need to know now lol

I also have a brilliant should apply at Walmart NOW, then once you get hired (I'm sure you will) just quit Timmy's. It's always easier finding a job when you have a frustrating as that is.


Darci said...

Timmies is not always a "FUN" place to work.. Just ask Moriah :D
neways good luck, I feel you for the grumpy ppl. But tough it out, you can't just quit right away you have to give yourself a little time to learn everything.. Then see if you still hate it. I LOVE YOU. MISS YOU.

Christy said...

I am reading your blog and I am tickled pink that you are updating!

I agree with Tamara...apply at Walmart and then kiss Timmy's goodbye!

Nerine said...

You write very well.