Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Quite Eventful Trip To Vancouver

So two weeks ago my mom and i went to Vancouver to visit family. We have dinner with my moms three cosins(sp?) Joanne, Rick, and Tracy. I met Rick's daughter , Ayren, for the first time. Shes a nurse just like my mom. we did some shopping! Woot woot! We went to the most excelent gelato place. Its called Cumparis. Its soooo good! My first time eating was fab! Anyways, so we shopped and shopped...and shopped somemore (my moms a shop-o-holic, i can barely keep up with her) We stayed at my moms childhood friend Bonnie's house (all the lady i got my name from) Then we stayed at my great uncle Mickey's place. Which is also where Joanne lives. Then one night while i was there i went on the internet and i found an email from Darci. She said that her little brother, Caleb, was in the hospital. That he was testing jumps at Shames and he got too much air and fell. He damaged his spine. And he might end up paralized in his legs. He got sent to Vancouver General Hospital. So the next day my mom and i went to go see him. That place is insane for parking! We finally found a place to park...gathered all our change for the parking meter. Then we went to see him. He wasn't as bad as i thought he would be. I expected him to be out of it and not talking or anything. But he was talking fine. I mean he couldnt move his legs...and he was in alot of pain. But he wasnt outa it. So we talked to him for a bit. Then Patty (his mom) told us that her and the fam were going over to Victoria because Darci was getting married that weekend. Earlier that day Darci sent me a txt msg saying that i should come visit her on trying to make it all sneaky:P but ya, i already knew! So my mom offered to stay with Caleb while me and the Brousseaus went over to the wedding. It was nice. It seemed kinda last minute and whatnot. But it was really nice. I'm so glad i went! It was nice to see Darc, i havent seen her for soooo long! So i ended up spending time with Darci's family. Which was great, i havent seen those kids for ages. So then after the weekend we went back to to Van. Then my mom and i went shopping some more. btw! I bought lululemon pants! i love em! And i got make-up from conforming! I'm going to wear make-up! I havent worn make-up since i was like 13...and even then i barely wore it. So the very last day,the day we left, my great uncle turned 90!! Can you imagine being 90? Anyways ya he loved his presents. We gave him a bible that my mom bought for herself but decided that well...hes 90...he needed it more. And we gave him a cup that used to be my grandmas ( his sister in law) and it says baba which means grandma in Ukranian. Ya he loved it. I think he has the other one...that says whatever grammpa is. Anyways this is getting kinda long so umm....i think thats all that happened. Oh! and of course! My moms cosin Joanne said that if i wanted to i could stay there in Van and live with them. The house is huge! And well, its kinda like my second home. When i was little and we would go to Van to visit my grandma we would stay at her house but when she moved here we always stayed at my great uncle Mickeys. So ya it would be awesome. And it would mean cheep rent...or free possibly? And theres a bus stop right across the street. So transpotation would be so easy. They are hireing everwhere too. So going to apply at Choices and if i dont get the job...well then im considering moving to Vancouver. But its all up to God :) so i will see! So that ends the very long post of mine! I would just like to add, would you please pray for Caleb. Its not looking too good for him right now. And pray for his family also. Oh! And please pray for Aaron!!! I found out some not to great things about him...ya he needs prayer...just to see God and know that God loves him and his family loves him....well he just needs to know that eveyone loves him! So ya thats all i have for today!:P


Stephanie said...

Wow Bonnie, this was an update and a half! Darcy got married all ready?! Did you take pictures of your trip? If you did, you should post themmmmm.

Chris said...

Umm ya good to see you update!
Did you get pics from Darci' wedding??

Tamara said...

I didn't know you went to Darci's wedding!!

OH! And you left out a huge part of your trip...WHO did you see at Metrotown? Yes, that's right! If only I could have been

Lauren said...

It was great to see you Bonnie! Gah I miss shopping with you already! lol. :)