Thursday, February 08, 2007

Much Needed Update

Sooo, yes i know! I haven't been blogging for a while now! So here is a much needed update! So to start, yesterday I had my first ever driving lesson! It went pretty well i must say! Unfotunatly my mom paid for a smaller set a lessons so i will still have to have my L for a year...which sucks...but hey its only a year!

Another update! : ) I went to the Christian Book store with my mom a few weeks ago and i talked my mom into buying me this book! Im not even sure why i picked it...tho i can guess it had alot to do with the bright colours! lol. I'm so easily amused! Anyways, so I've been reading it and its sooooo good! I love it! And i've learnt a bit from it too! : ) anyways I highly recomend it! I'm not usualy interested in books about people who i really have nothing in common with. One of the main people in this book is a women with two teenage kids. But its captured my intrest : )


Tamara said...

Bonnie you need to stop by my house VERY soon :)

Creepy Monkaze said...

i dont even know where you live! lol, but yes i shall have to :)