Sunday, March 11, 2007

East Hastings!

Ok so we always hear about homeless people and think "how does this even happen?" . So I just found out while i was in Vancouver that my moms cosin (sp?) Rick lives down on east hastings! Which is one of the poorest places in Canada! So he has many addictions....hes grown up like that. A few years ago or so, he was at a rehad place. He was doing great...but then he had to leave because they had a huge waiting list. And well it just went downhill from there! And now hes living in a room at an old rundown hotel. They rent out the rooms by the month for close to nothing. But thats all it is....just a room....i think they have shared bathrooms or somthing like that. BUT! With the Olympics coming they want to kick the people out and renovate the hotels! Which means there will be even more homeless people! Ya i always felt bad for those people....but i never knew that i would know someone living there! Let alone be related to somone living there! Its so sad, he was (and still is) such a great guy. I remmeber him from when i was little. He was so much fun. But ya...prayer! :D Prayer would be muchly great! Anyways im late! This should be enough updating to last for a while:P

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Tamara said...

I heard about them doing reminds me of how in North Korea they build huge, tall buildings around all the slums to make it appear nice to the outsider, but to the people who actually live there it's like a gated in community they're unable to leave. So sad. I can't see how all this Olympic jazz is going to help out the province. I'll definitely keep your mom's cousin in my prayers :)

PS- This is NOT an excuse to never update!