Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life Update

So I guess it's time for a life update eh? For those of you who check my blog regularly I am sorry. I have slightly abandoned it for the summer...and a little before summer aswell. So here is what you missed: During the summer I went to work in the kitchen at Camp Sagitawa. It was super awesome and I met alot of amazing people. I was sad to leave it but I am very excited to start this new season in my life...which I don't believe I mentioned on here either. I am going back to school this fall to start the very long trek to become a dietitian. I'm super excited...but also very nervous. I've never been to college before! My schooling consists of between two- three years of schooling in Terrace and then after that I have to take the remaining 3 years in Vancouver at UBC. I'm really excited to go to UBC! I miss Vancouver so much. So anyways that is my life update. For today I am just going to be lazy and catch up on missed episodes of my favorite tv shows and make sweet potato banana muffins.....strange I know....but I'm very curious about them.

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