Thursday, August 25, 2011

101 Update Time!

So with having about a month left until my list is up I decided I better get cracking on some of these! Obviously I won't be able to complete all of them, but I am going to try my hardest to get as much accomplished as possible! :)

Start Date: January 1, 2009
End Date: September 29, 2011


In Process:

note: I am changing all the "monthly" ones
because they are such a nuisance to keep track of!

Things to learn:
Learn a new language
• Take a photography course
• Learn how to drive a standard
• Learn about wine
• Take a class on Photoshop
• Learn how to garden
• Learn sign language
• Learn how to hem pants

Gifts & Letters:
• Give 10 random gifts
• Write handwritten letters to 15 people telling them how important they are to me
• Send ten homemade cards to people you don't usually send cards to
• Write 5 snail mail letters and send them
• Send a "just because" care package to a friend

Things I'd like to do:
• Keep a journal for a month
• Go to a drive in movie theater
• Make a jar of random exciting adventures
• Create a list of 101 things that make me happy
• Create a "day in the life" post on my blog

Arts & Crafts:
• Make a scrapbook
• Photograph a wedding
• Write a song from start to end
• Start and complete 5 drawings/paintings
• Give all handmade gifts for Christmas or birthdays one year
• Make a collection of greeting cards
• Make jewelry

• Start a Thankful jar and keep it up
• Take time daily to spend with God
• Write short bible verses on 10 rocks with a sharpie and throw them back on the beach
• Memorize a scripture every two weeks for a month
• Learn about 5 different religions (0/5)

Things to own:
• Buy a car
• Buy a metal water bottle
• Get some canvas prints made
• Get a new wardrobe (after I achieve my goal weight)

Things I should do:
• Complete high school
• Backup my files and photos every month
• Wear sunscreen everyday for a whole summer
• Do three things that 'scare' me, or push me out of my comfort level
1. Start selling jewelery that I made
• Get my drivers license
• Find a good cell phone plan
• Reconnect with an old friend

• Get a passport
• Travel to another continent
• Drive down to the states
• Take a random road trip
• Ride a train
• Go on a trip with Tanisha
• Hang a “Where I’ve been map” and put pegs in the places we’ve been to

Health & Fitness:
• Lose weight
• Go walking/jogging every morning for a month
• Get up every morning before 7 am for a month
Consistently work out 3x a week for a month
• Go a month without any fast food
• Drink only water for a beverage for a month
• Try out a fitness class
• Whiten teeth (fail! I tried crest whitestrips and
they made my teeth hurt so bad!)
• Take a dance class

Watch & Read:
• Read the Bible cover to cover
• Read 10 classic novels (0/10)
• Read a new book every month for 6 months
• Read a Jane Austen book
• Read 5 books that have movies based on them
• Watch the 5 movies/tv shows that were based on the books above
• Read all the books I own and have never read (I decided to put them in the garage sale instead)

• Eat five things that I've never tried before
• Make homemade pasta
• Learn how to make two different cultural meals
• Make homemade jam
• Make homemade ice cream
• Make a cookbook/recipe cards of my favorite recipes
• Grow a garden with fresh herbs or a vegetable garden
• Cook a full meal for my family at least 10 times

• Have a dinner party
• Invite 20 people (not all at once) out for coffee
• Have a formal dessert night
• Surprise a friend with an unexpected visit
• Comment to every “friend” on my Facebook account

• Scan old family pictures and burn them to disc
Give away or throw away 20 things (at the upcoming garage sale!)
• Organize and delete unwanted photos
• Construct an address book
• Organize my music on itunes
• Make a random gift box

Volunteer & Good deeds:
• For every incomplete task after 1001 days, donate $5 to a Charity
• Volunteer somewhere every week for one month
• Do 10 random acts of kindness
• Volunteer in a foreign country
• Participate in Shoebox Christmas giving program
• Rather than a material gift, make a donation to charity in someones name.

Work & Finances:
• Save money for traveling
• Get a credit card
• Budget and record all money spent over 3 months
• Start up my own photography business
• Create a portfolio
• Save two (2) month’s salary and keep it saved for more than 6 months
• Remember to tithe
• Save $1 a day for 1001 days

• Write an entry for each of the 101 tasks completed. (-/101)

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