Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to become a typical Terrace guy in 5 easy steps!

For all my friends from Vancouver who are wondering if I am still single...

I reassure you that it is near impossible to find a decent guy here. To those of you who have...well kudos to you! You have now made the pickings even slimmer lol.
After looking at facebook profiles of guys around my age here is what I came up with.
I decided to blur out the faces as this is a small town and I don't want any trouble. Though really....its kinda their own fault for having open is my guide to become a Typical Terrace guy!

STEP #1: In order to appear badass you need to
finger the camera in almost every photo

STEP#2: Make sure you appear to be very gangsta.
Who cares if your white. You have a shirt with roses.
What else do you need?

STEP#3: You must show off your latest catch... matter how small it is

STEP#4- In order to be a Terrace guy, pot must play a huge role in your life.
Why not broadcast it to the world via Facebook?
4:20 must be your favorite holiday and you must write it on everything.
Trees, desks, walls, doors, sides of buildings, your dog, etc.

STEP#5- At least 20% of your profile photos must be of vehicles.
Preferably jacked up trucks covered in dirt.
BONUS STEP: Try combining two of the steps in one!
Like fingering the camera AND being gangsta.
You'll have a girl in no time!
BONUS#2 (because 6 steps just aren't enough):
Make sure your background says alot about you.
Leaving the toilet seat up in your photo is a great way to say
"I'm a rebel"
Anyways, I hope that explains everything :)
All photos taken from profile pictures on open profiles on facebook....I know! Profile pictures!
Not even just random photos. Arn't profile pictures supposed to be of you? Not of a dirty truck?


Tanisha said...

BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! This is probably the funniest blogpost by you EVER. Mostly because I really really really really really REALLY get annoyed by these types of people...and so does the rest of the intelligent world.

Lauren said...

Haha this is so true! :P Which isn't to say all Terrace guys are like that, but the vast majority, :P The rest are married or otherwise taken. LOL

joni said...

hahahhaha - awesome post.

i was so relieved that my son wasnt in any of your pictures.

(not this time anyways)