Monday, January 31, 2011

Wow...and I thought facebook was my biggest problem...

I have started my English 12 course....and this time I mean that I REALLY have started. Not thought about, planned, made lists, timelines, etc. ACTUALLY STARTED! Yes...most of you who know me really well know that I am notorious for distracting myself with "making deadlines" or "setting up a work space"...or "insert random set up/planning/scheduling/list making excuse here". The course itself it actually quite first assignment was to write about my favorite fast food. Oddly enough the first module is about healthy eating...there are random inserts of learning that actually relate to English. It makes me wonder how simple the communications course would have been. I guess most of my negligence has to do with the fact that it is sooooo simple its boring. My hope is to finish this module by the end of the week. I think theres 4 modules in total...but I may be wrong. It needs to be finished by April. Today I deactivated my facebook account (don't worry, its just for the day) so that I could focus on my work. Unfortunately I am realizing that there are wayyyy too many interesting websites for me to distract myself with. My lastest one is Kitchenist. She has such yummy food and beautiful pictures! You have got to check it out. Ok the internet is coming unplugged! I have wasted half my day! It's already quarter to 3! Ok off to work!

Question of the day:
How do you keep yourself from getting distracted while studying?

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Robin said...

Good idea about deactivating your facebook account... although I nearly shat myself when I read it.
Hmmm... how do I make sure I don't get distracted?

I have to be motivated. One way I motivate myself is by telling myself "If I get it done now, I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want!"