Saturday, January 15, 2011

First post of the year!

I have been very lazy when it comes to updating my blog lately....and also commenting on others blogs. So here is a quick update on my life. I now posses the most awesome device on the planet....the iphone4! I love it to bits. I almost never use it for the internet or for facebook or twitter, etc.. My main use for my phone (even moreso than actually calling or texting people) is making lists! I have the most awesome app for lists. I can make multiple lists in it! And it looks nice and organized and its pretty colours. LOL. Those who know me know that you can find at least 5 lists scattered around my home at any given time. I have a major addiction to list making. And I'm happy to say that my new phone completely supports my addiction. :)

In other news I got a second job. I'm not ready to publicize it yet as I am still working out the details of it. But I will tell you that it will be a very fun side job and extra money is always good!

My last piece of news is actually a list (big shocker there eh?). Here are two of the things that I plan on doing in 2011.

Make a rustic looking cutting board with feet! Can't be that hard can it?

I am also going to make these shelves for my closet!

PS. my blog soooo needs a new template. Any ideas for themes?


Lauren said...

Yes, I have not seen comments on my blog posts. This makes me sad. Remedy it.

Jadekitty said...

I agree with Lauren.

Do a monkey theme!

Yeah for second jobs.

Jill said...

100% adorable shelves- if you figure out how to make them feel free to pass that knowledge on. Perhaps a "how to" post...

Bonnie said...

I totally will Jill :) I will probably start making them in a month or two.