Monday, November 15, 2010


I love cooking...I love the idea of cooking.

I love
the smells.
good recipes.
kitchen gadgets.
the presentation.

I hate
the dirty dishes.
the mess.
when recipes fail.
cooking for one.

I say this because I have three ziplocks full of butternut squash ravioli filling in my freezer and I have yet to make the ravioli yet. When i first froze it awhile ago I had a dinner party with a couple of friends. They really enjoyed it. But now I have no motivation to cook. There are sooo many yummy recipes that I would like to try. I need to make more friends so I have people to cook for. I would really like to have a winter dinner party. With winter vegetables and apple cider and roasted nuts and baked apples. YUM!


Anonymous said...

Cook for your Mom!!

Bonnie said...

nah, my family always complains or fights. Its not worth it.

Gloria said...

hahaha i love the first line. I love cooking.... no wait i love the idea of cooking :) hahaha too funny

Jillian said...

Come back to Vancouver so I can come to your dinner party

Bonnie said...

Lol, Ya its true though Gloria. I dream about cooking amazing things but then i just dont feel like actually cooking them lol.

One day I will be back in Vancouver and I'll through the best dinner party ever Jill!