Monday, August 16, 2010


Just two more sleeps until I'm in Vancouver! And 5 sleeps till I'm in Europe! I am sooo excited! I'm also kinda stressed out. I like to be uber prepared for everything...however I am having a hard time with my packing. I have noooo idea how much to bring. Hopefully tonight I can skype with Tani and we can figure it out :) In addition to going to Europe, I also bought some new clothes recently. I am completely obsessed with Forever21 now. Well....technically I got them from the fat version Faith21. Lol but whatevs! Their clothes are sooo cute! Here are most of what I got (i couldn't find pictures for all of them)

All on sale! Wooot!

Also... Mandy and I made a cake! :)


Anonymous said...

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Gloria said...

Your amazing! Glad u updated before you left. Hope you're having an awesome time! I heard from sara u enjoyed Venice & the gondola. Can't wait to hear more stories