Saturday, May 08, 2010

Here we go again!

Since my first attempt at the Flat Belly Diet failed it is only logical to try it again! I did spend money on the books after all. I'm opting out for the easier recipes in the book...aka...the ones that you can make and freeze and pull out whenever. Because as much as I enjoy cooking, I do not enjoy doing it everyday. On Sunday I plan on cooking up a storm! I have picked a few recipes already and I'm going to pick some more before Sunday. I plan on taking pictures of all my yummy food...but who am I kidding? Sometimes its just too much work to take pictures. So there may or may not be pictures come soon. :) But on the bright side I do have some older shots of random recipes I tried out of the book. They actually turned out really well! (the food...not the pictures...the pictures are kinda sad....but its better than nothing!)

Top: The 4 day flat belly dinner...I hate beans...and tomatoes...ick
Middle: Lemon Cupcakes...yummy! I ran out of icing sugar can you tell?
Bottom: Cranberry Pecan Scones...those were sooo yummy! Although I'm sure the 
butter isn't allowed lol


Lauren said...

Sooo recipe for the scones? and the Cupcakes? Yes?

e-mail me!

Jadekitty said...

food.. yummy.... Are we still doing on dinner??