Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Events in the community!

I was reading the news paper today (which I rarely do) and I got to my favorite page. The community page! I love to look at all the events that are coming up and dream about participating in some (which I never really make an effort to do). But this month shall be different! I also have the goal on my 101 in 1001 days list to do some volunteer work. So it is time to stop procrastinating. I highlighted a few that interested me and here is my list.

Dragon Boating
I thought this might be fun and also a good way to meet new people
Volunteer at Food Bank
to fulfill my volunteer duties
Volunteer at Music Festival
i LOVE music fest! I was in it every year as a child with dance,
band, flute, school. You name it! If I don't end up volunteering
I would like to at least go watch some of it!
Volunteer for Riverboat Days
again another thing to volunteer for :)
Community Band
I kind of miss being in a band. It was great! I think I might
look into joining the community band
Pacific Mist Chorus
I was also in choir as a child and I really enjoyed it. It's also
another great way to meet new people :)

I haven't decided which I am going to actually do. Riverboat days isn't until later in the year. I don't want to make myself too busy. But it would be nice to be involved in something other that work and attempting to finish English 12 (which is a nightmare by the way). Ps. I am sooo happy it is finally spring!


Lauren said...

you should so do the music fest!

Ruth said...

fun!!!! I can't wait for the music festival!!! :)

Jadekitty said...

Did you pick one?