Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cookies, hot chocolate, elves, and photos....what a wonderful day!

Yesterday Darci came over with some of her munchkins so we could test out the lighting in my home. We made some really good shortbread cookies! They were white chocolate cranberry shortbread! Next time tho I think I'm gonna use real cranberries instead of dried ones. They were soooo easy to make! The little munchkin elves and Darc also helped me clean my incredibly messy house! My mom came over and her and Alicia put plastic up on my windows to help keep the heat in for winter and we put up a couple more curtains! We set up the tree and decorated it! And last but not least, we did a mini photoshoot! After being super frustrated with the lack of natural light we went to my parents to find out if they have some sort of lamp or somthing we could use. AND! :) We found stage lights! They are brilliant. They are a bit too bright so I need to get some sort of covers to put over them. I think i might just make a giant diffuser with some white fabric or a sheet and some sort of frame. That way the light will blend together nicely. We were using cloth just over the cover....but ya thats kinda a fire risk. So on to plan B! Anyways here are some of our photos from last night!

Mmm cookies and hot chocolate ♥

Santa's Elves

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Jadekitty said...

thanks for not posting the scary Grinch face!