Friday, June 19, 2009

Dreaming in cartoons...

Last night I had the most epic dream. It was like I was watching Saturday morning cartoons. Did any of you used to watch One Saturday Morning? It had Pepperann (i lOVED that show), doug, recess....ya thats all I can remember. I loved it. But anyways my dream. One of the guys in my dream was a cartoon charactor which I wanted to find to show you guys but I CANNOT find him. I don't know what hes from but I've seen him somewhere. Maybe on TV or on kids stuff at Walmart. I'm not sure. However maybe some of you with children can help. He looks kinda like a backyardagan and he is thin with a egg shaped head with the pointy part of the egg at the nose. I don't think he had a nose. Big eyes. He always looked alien like. And he had a dark thick band on the top his head holding his dreads (which stick up like a fountain). Do you know who this is? Its driving me insane! But anyways here is my dream (cue cloudy fog and that weird music):

So I was with Tanisha and...well I don't really know where we were. But it was late and the sky was dark and the moon was out. There was a big bridge in the shape of a rainbow and glittered in the moonlight. Tani, I beleve was perched on a ladder looking threw a telescope. I got out my camera and my largest lens and set it up. I wanted to take a picture of the moon. I got it all set up and placed it on my tripod and pointed it straight at the moon. When I looked threw the viewfinder I saw two people (or rather the two cartoon Charactors that I cannot find on the internet!). The moon seemed to look like a old dinner painted with whites and pinks and probably sold milkshakes and malts. Tho the moon looked like a dinner it still maintained its somewhat spere shape. On the top of the whole thing was a light blub that resembles the shape of a goatee.
After taking my eyes away from the sight in the sky I turned to Tani with a worried look on my face. I told her that the light on the moon had gone out. (no idea how it brightened the bridge or how I could even see it love the mystery of dreams). We were both worried now and with that we were off to the little dinner in the moon. (actually I can't remember if she came or not...or how we even got there). We...or I arrived at the dinner and as I walked in there was a counter to my left streached out along the wall. Across from it was a little table and a doorway to the kitchen. There was a lady behind the counter who looked like she had been working there way too long as her hair was astray and her face no longer held a smile. Once I walked in a bit I saw that past the counter there was a long hallway that had stores on the right side. It looked like I had just stepped into a mall.
The two charactors...whom don't have names but due to the fact that they are spoken of alot in this story, we shall call them Sam and Bill. So Sam and Bill were sitting at the little table near the kitchen door eating their ice cream. Now Sam and Bill were not too much happier than the woman behind the counter. As it goes they are the two that light the light on the top of the moon. How it works is when they eat the light starts to shine. But tonight was different than any other night for the light wasn't shining even though they were eating. Everyone was puzzeled and sad that it wouldn't shine. Sam and Bill became discouraged and decided that there was nothing else they could do and just gave up. They walked down the long shopping mall place and turned to their right into a store with a table and sat down. I was determined to help them even though I didnt know how. I walked up to the woman and started talking with her. Her counter had premade ice cream cones which were sitting in bars shaped like rings to keep them intact. They looked so yummy. She gave me one. But to my surprise they were not ice cream at all. It was sorbet. She had boxes of fruit behind her counter which she mushed up and froze and made amazing sorbet out of. This was kinda a new thing for her. She was trying to healthify her dinner. While I was sitting there chatting and eating my sorbet a thought dawned on me. Maybe thats why the light wont shine! Maybe they need to eat normal dinner food in order for the light to be lit. I told the woman that she had to make normal dinner food again so that we could save the night from the darkness! She was very sad about this thought and really wanted to keep going the way she was going with the food. But the light depended on it. The guy in the kitchen popped his head out of the door and looked at us as he stirred some sort of batter in a big bowl and said "do you think changing the food back would work?". I told him that I didn't know but it was worth a try. The women went and grabbed some ice cream and filled up some cones. The guy in the kitchen started cooking his heart out. And I went down the hall to tell the guys the good news. Their faces were filled with a spark of hope. We all walked down to the counter and they took a seat at their usual table. The woman brought over some ice cream and the guy from the kitchen brought out some food. They started to eat hoping this would fix everything. The first bite....nothing happened. The second bite....we started to see a flicker of light. They kept eating bite after bite, each time looking upwards to see if it was working. Before long the light started getting brighter and brighter and shone brighter than ever. We had saved the day! We all cheered! By now Tanisha was here to join in our little party. The dream was almost over. After we celebrated and ate I got a picture with my two favorite moon people, Sam and Bill.

....and with that I woke up. What an awesome dream. I could totally write cartoons lol. After writing it down It looks much longer than the dream actually was. The dream was so beautiful. It was like watching a movie where the lighting is always right and the frames are always perfect. Hope you enjoyed it!


Tanisha said...

Oh wow...I have no words. I can interpret this dream to mean that you miss me and that if you're dreaming about me it means that you should move back here!!!!

Tanisha said...

PS: being in the dream made my day!