Thursday, May 21, 2009

101 update

Buy a metal water bottle √

Today my mom and I went shopping and I finally bought a water bottle! I have been wanting one for quite a while now! I've been looking on the SIGG website and trying to pick which one I wanted and I finally decided on this one. I it! We took pictures of it in the garden :)

I am also working on a few other things on my 101 in 1001 list. Soon I shall post them!:
• Learn a new language (I'm thinking that I want to travel to Italy, so I'm going to attempt to teach myself Italian!)
• Learn how to garden
• Learn how to hem pants
• Read a Jane Austen book
• Read 5 books that have movies based on them (1/5) (My sisters Keeper. I can't wait till the movie comes out!)
• Grow a garden with fresh herbs or a vegetable garden (they just need to be potted and then they are done!)
• Cook a full meal for my family at least 10 times (2/10) (done twice with the help of Taraben, once we made homemade pizza and a couple nights ago we made homemade pasta!)


Jadekitty said...

Good job getting things done on your list!

I have to say hemming pants really isn't that hard, and you have read A walk to Remember right?

Bonnie said...

Nope. I have seen the movie. I read The Notebook. Really, really good book! Loved it!

Tanisha said...

OooOOooh! I'm still in the process of creating my list...i SHOULD know how to hem...hmm...
Mine will be out within the month. I'm 1/3 finished!

Tanisha said...

PS: Hahah...I <3 the fact that you are taking artsy photos of the water bottle

Bonnie said...

Ooo Tani! I can't wait to see your 101 list. I abandoned mine for awhile but within the last week or so I got sooo much done! Well I had to take artsy photos of it! It was just too cute! unfortunatly I already dented it :( but its not too big of a dent!

Gloria said...

Hi Bonnie,

I LOVE your study italian idea. It's actually cheaper then you think! I actually just booked myself for Florence 2 weeks intensive (4hr day) with accomodations for 580Euro. The only thing is the flight but I'm sure u could find one. I'll write about my plan soon. Also alot cheaper (half price) then going to Greece to do the same thing.

As for Jane Austen's books. I just finished reading Emma and Pride and Prejudice. I really recommend P&P and Jane Eyre even though it's Charlotte Bronte she's amazing!!! Emma was good but I remember all the good parts and P&P & Jane Eyre is just a classic. I'm in love

Bonnie said...

Your in love? With a tall, dark and handsome man? Please shine light on that phrase. Or were you talking about the book? Have you met anyone yet? Ya, I'm started Emma. It was super cheap at the book store the other day so I decided to get it. I'm actually thinking of learning Dutch now lol. I want to learn Italian...mostly beause I want to go to Italy. But at the molment I think my upcoming(who knows when that will be) trip is probably going to be to Holland. Let me know how the Italian is going!