Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Years!

It's officially 2009! Where has the time gone? It feels like only yesterday we were awaiting the big year 2000! And everyone thought they were going to die! Haha... good times, good times. Anyways, as you probably noticed I am not doing the resolution thing. I'm doing it a bit differently! I'm excited to start my 101 list! I've already started some of them!

So this year is going to bring alot of change. I'm starting off by moving back home. That's a HUGE change. New job, new life, new friends. YIKES! The nerves are coming! I'm excited to reconect with an old friend though! We haven't talked in years and we are now talking again! Super excited! I'm super nervous to meet his new friends though! But anyways. What else is new.... *thinks*.... ya I think thats about it. So I will conclude by telling you about the best New Years Eve party EVER!

• • •

So this was my first New Years in Vancouver! So exciting! We had a James Bond themed party! But what the guests didn't know was it was a muder mystery party! (minus the murder lol) each of us who planned the party got a charactor and half way threw the night we were to slip into charactor. I was the drunk gambler. I thought it was going to be such a boring role...but it was awesome! I basically ran around doing whatever I pleased lol. Putting 2009 hats of people, taking pictures with everyone, putting the "big blind and little blind" poker chips up to my eyes and running around saying I'm blind! Haha...great fun! (pictures to come). So the night started out with Sam pretending to be dating Carianne. Then at one point he called everyone into the room and proposed to her (a fake one of course) and opened the ring box and the ring was missing. Then the game began! I was no longer Bonnie, I was Meredith (for you Office fans). The guests who weren't in charactor had to figure out who stole the ring. It was sooo much fun! I got to play poker all night! I was really good at it at first....but then my luck started to run out. Luckely I had Peter there to help me out (since I had no idea how to play poker). Then after the game got figured out we took some pictures (yet to come) and played a round of mofia. It was great fun! By far the best New Years I've ever had. That really says alot about the Terrace new years eh? Anyways! Welcome to 2009! I hope its a great year for all of you!


Tamara said...

The office is my life.
Ok...not completely. But close.

I've wanted to go to a murder mystery party -forever-, but I'm never cool enough to be invited to them!

Jadekitty said...

That would be such a blast!!

Gloria said...

oh wow murder mystery memories sounds like fun! So whose idea was this? I hope Mia and TANI didn't plan another one, so much work
hope u enjoy Terrace :)