Tuesday, December 30, 2008

101 Update!

Ok, so a little update on my list! I am going to the states this Saturday! Woot! I'm so excited! As well as I have started other things on my list. But you can figure that out yourself by looking at the list on the left! Ciao!

Now for a little enjoyment. Tanisha and I have a video for you!
(more creepy videos to come in the next post. And believe me, they only go up from here!)


Tamara said...

umm Bonnie, your mouth opening and closing in that video is the creepiest thing of my day!!! lol

Tamara said...

I -love- the new layout! Simple is best!

Nancy said...

this is adorabe. "ooo i have a beard!" i cannot tell if that is you or Tanisha saying that... but whoever it is... they sound a little too excited about the fact!