Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I really should be sleeping right now however... once I saw this on Tam's blog I decided that I MUST steal it!

Ok ladies (or men)! Let's see your top 5 favorite famous hotties. Be honest- be real! Don't try to be trendy!! Here are the requirements for each #:
1:An Image of the hottie for all eyes to googly-google over
2:An explanation- Come on..why do you like him?!
3:What is he famous for? List a few movies, songs, etc. by the hunk! Let's get started!!

Steal and do this on your own blog!!

John Krasinski He plays Jim in The Office! He plays pranks on Dwight, they are hilarious! If you haven't seen The Office I suggest you run to your TV now and watch it. It is worth every second!

Curtis Stone (from TLC's Take Home Chef) He is an Aussie Chef...what more must I say?

James McAvoy OK! Best actor ever! *Swoon* He is Scottish and as such has an incredibaly amazing accent! He is in The Chronicles of Narnia (as Mr. Tumnus), The Last King Of Scotland, Penelope, Atonement, Wanted (which I have yet to see!), and Becoming Jane

Michael Buble Canadian! He was born in Burnaby! He sings amazing jazz music. Some covers and some originals. My favorites are Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Feeling Good, Sway, Home, Everything, and Come Fly With Me. Great music to swing dance to! :)

Gene Kelly
And who can forget Gene Kelly? Singer, Dancer, Actor, and Producer! Best known for his lead role in Singin In The Rain with Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor. Another oldie but goodie is An American In Paris. His dancing is awesome!


Tamara said...

Oh Bonnie, no words could ever express how delighted I was to see a new post from you!!! <3

I still have yet to watch The Office. I'm waiting for you.

Stephanie said...

I have a crush on that chef guy too.