Friday, June 06, 2008

Movies + Terrace

So this week for Flux (college and career) we are going to the drive in! It shall be so much fun! It's the only drive in left in the lower mainland. I'm super excited. Or at least I was... I just checked the site to see whats playing and they don't look very good. The cool thing about it is that you pay $11 and get to stay for two movies! On Fridays and Saturdays there are three movies but we're going on a Wednesday. The movies that are showing the night we are going are:

Sex and the City

The Strangers

The second one looks creepy. And I only slightly wanna see Sex and the City. I'm hoping this one gets rescheduled and we go the week after or something. However I'm sure it will be tons of fun. A few weeks ago we went mini golfing. That was fun! Our team totally cheated. But that was the fun in it. We didn't cheat....we worked as a team to get one ball in the whole! Which is kinda strange because we were competing against each other. Anyways... Oh I found something cool. It's called fresh air cinema. I randomly found it on facebook. There were a few people who joined a group about it on facebook and it was so kindly to tell me that. It's basically a huge blow up tv screen. It looks cool. And its free! They are going around BC for the summer. So I think I just might have to convince some people to come out with me to see it!

Other GRAND News:

My mom booked my flight! Which means that I am officially coming home to visit in the summer! I leave on August 11th and return on the 18th! I sooooo can't wait! Hopefully I can save up some money and get a camera before I come home. I wanna take sooo many pictures! I've started a list of all the things I want to do while I'm there.

• hike Terrace Mnt.
• hike Sleeping Beauty Mnt.
• camp somewhere foreign
• explore somewhere in Terrace I've never been
• go swimming at granite

Those are what I have so far that I want to do. Not sure If I'll get the hiking done. But I really want to. Mostly just to say I did. lol. So anyways.

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Tamara said...

Your flux group always sounds like so much fun!!

And hallaaaa!! I cannot WAIT until you're here for a visit! I truly hope the weather is nice while you're here..I'm going to work extra hard until you get here so I can call in sick for at least one of the days :) I'm officially on the hunt for a foreign camping site. Be prepared.