Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I got new clothes yesterday! Clothes that I probably shouldn't have bought. Don't really have the money for....but WHO COULD RESIST!? Reitmans is right beside the grocery store so I was on my way there anyways. I was killing time because I just came from the dentist and I wasn't allowed to eat for half and hour. And grocery shopping would have killed me I was so hungry.

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Banana phone!

My new purpley burgandy shirt!

My all time favorite! I usually just buy normal t shirts and stuff to i forced myself to try on something different and i LOVE it! And it matches my awesome necklace!

The stones I made! I finally caved and went to the rock club with Bonnie and Richard. I thought it was going to be full of old people (which in a way i was right). But there were a few younger people. And I actually enjoyed it! I think I'm gunna join. The first two times are free but after that you pay $20. And the $20 I think lasts for a year. The brown one is the one I finished, I'm still working on the other one. So far I've cut the edges off the blue one and grinded it down the line. Its gunna be a circle. So I learnt how to cut them with the saw and grind them on the wheels and polish them! It was really cool. I think I'm gunna get into jewelery making!


D-Ann said...

Love the new stuff! You are so cute :) I bought a new tank top yesterday and yeah.. I love them but I should not have :P It's nice to treat yourself though. Thats why I am hosting a clothes swap! Woot for friends with good ideas (starla)

Lauren said...

Love the new clothes, especially the flowery tank top! :D pretty! BWahahaha, now I shall tease you about being obsessed with rocks!

Tamara said...

The new clothes are so cute, especially the flower tank! :)

I have a major rock collection from years ago that you can raid while you're here