Wednesday, May 07, 2008


A fun giveaway!!
Stolen from Darci's Blog

Here are the rules:
1. Leave a comment on my blog that says you want to play. The first three folks to comment will get a gift from ME. (I'll send you an e-mail to get your address so I can send it out!)

2. Do the same thing on your blog! The first three commenters who commit to doing this on their blog, too, will get a surprise from YOU at a surprise time in the next 365 days!


dolls123 said...

Cute Idea. I can't play cause I don't have a blog.

ihchicky said...

Unfortunately I don't think I can play either because I don't have my blog started yet.

Ruth said...

Well...hey there...I want to play!! I love this!!!!!!

Tamara said...

I want to play too! Now I just need to think what my giveaway shall be..