Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Time!

Here are some pics from earlier today! Shelly and I went for coffee! Yum! I got an iced honey latte and Shelly got the classic white chocolate mocha. We went to shoppers drug mart and did some light shopping and then went across the street to see the pretty trees! So here are some pictures as requested by the one and only Darci! :) Enjoy!

* Our Coffeeee * Cherry Trees * Random Strangers! Hehe * Me eating the tree *

* Feet! * More Pretty Flowers * Xiao Xiao (Shelly) and Bon Bon *

*Xiao and her new PSP * Mooooore flowers * Moi *

* I looove that picture of Xiao! * Hehe...I am such a creeper and I LOVE it! *