Saturday, April 19, 2008

Movie Tickets Anyone?

Today was a great day! But with all great days there must be one bad thing. So I shall start with that! So I worked today and as I was hustling to get all the tables cleaned I found a movie ticket. It was on a table that had a bunch of dirty dishes and cups on it. The people had obviously left since there was receipts and mint wrappers (those are the best signs that the people have left). So I looked at this movie ticket and thought that it was garbage. (It actually looked alot like the one in the picture above). It was all folded and I assumed that it was from a movie that they just came from....WRONG! So I clean off the table, PUT THE GARBAGE IN THE ONLY GARBAGE THAT HAS LEFTOVER FOOD IN IT! Then sure enough, two seconds later a guy comes in looking for them. I didn't think anyone would come back for them so the look on my face when he asked if i saw them must have been a good one. I was in complete shock and instead of saying I didn't see them or that they might have got thrown away with the garbage I said that 'I' must have thrown them away. I told him I would go look in the back. Which as soon as I got to the kitchen I saw Senita and asked her what I should do. The look on my face was probably soo much better now because I was in panic mode. The first thing she does it bursts out laughing. Which didn't help because then I started laughing. It was actually really funny once I thought about it. So I toughed it up and did the only thing I could do. I went out there and told them they where gone! So that was the bad part of my day...which actually turned out quite entertaining. Senita made me feel better about it though. She is so much fun, just the fact that she laughed made it all less worrisome.


Good part of my day. Not much to say. But work was good tonight. I was the only busser on! And it's a of the MOST busiest nights! It was hard! I worked my butt off! Literally. (Since I've been working here I lost 5 lbs... I started eating the food and then gained a bit back though...not a good idea) It was tough tonight. June (one of the hosts) was so awesome. She helped me out tonight when she had the chance. So the best part of the night was the fact that I proved myself! Everyone was telling me how great I did and how great of a busser I am. It was very encouraging to know that they really needed me and I came through for them. I got my tips today! (as I get a share of the tips!) I got $35! Not extremely much, but enough for me! So great day. But now I have to get to bed! Its almost 1am and I need to be at work at 9am for a staff meeting! ...Then I have to work at 12 until 8! Insaneo! Ciao!

P.S. - So much for summer weather! It snowed today! I'm sure it will melt away by morning...but still! The snow should be gooooone!

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DaRcI said...

Aww.. Thats silly that they would leave the tickets on the table. Love the header! IT snowed and hailed here :S