Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day Eve

So yesterday I started my day off by making the most amazing truffles! They were a gift for Tim since it was his birthday that day. So on my way over there I applied at some places (yes mom...I actually applied :P) I applied at the gelato place in Middlegate. I really hope i get that job! It would be awesome to sell gelato! So after that I went out to dinner with Lauren and Tim at Applebees. Ordered wayyyy too much. Then went off to the Valentines Day Banquet at the church to eat even more! It was really awesome! We played family feud and won door prizes. Then the rest of the night was basically spent smiles for photos (since it was a formal event and all). Oh and I forgot one of the biggest things that happened! I wont tickets to go see the Vancouver Giants...against sum other team. Lol I actually was thinking that I would win the tickets just because I'm not a sports person. Then they called my number. It was great! Lol....and I actually thought that the Vancouver Giants were Anyways so I asked Tyler to come with me since I won two tickets. Hes gunna teach me about hockey lol...because I'm very clueless. So here are some pictures from the night!

^ Tanisha and I • Shelly and I ^

Top: Laura and I
Bottom: Tyler and I

Top: Girls Bible Study
Bottom: Sabs (Sunday Afternoon Bible Study)
Top: Carianne, Me, Karen
Bottom: Out for bubble tea!
Family Feud!

Another Girls Bible Study pic

Random group photos

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Tamara said...

Fun! The new shoes worked well!