Sunday, February 24, 2008

I <3 Sundays

Today was awesome! So besides the waking up early for church was really really good! I started my day off by going to the 10 o'clock service. It was ok....didn't get much out of it...but it was ok. Then a few friends and I went to get food at Save On and go eat lunch in the park. It was absolutely beautiful out today! The sun was shining and it was actually very warm. So we hung out at the park eating and singing songs from back in the day of jr. high school for awhile. Then went back to the church and went walking on a trail near BCIT. Then we had bible study outside. It was a really good study on Proverbs...17 i think it was? I met some new people today at study. One guy was from Brazil and the other guy was from Burns Lake. Umm....oh! Then we went to TNT (a chinese supermarket) and got bubble tea and random weird foods. So we took our food and went to walk around deer lake park. It was gorgeous! It was the first time I'd actually been to Deer Lake Park. Umm....then we went to Will's place and Sam taught us how to make his awesome chicken wings and we ate and hung out. Had some of Nikki's famous cookies. Then Tyler, Steph and I played football for awhile. It was kinda hard just cuz it was about 10 at night so it made it difficult to see the ball flying towards I accidentally sacked Tyler. But I'm sure he'll recover. Steph and I did earn 2 points for it So ya that was my very eventful day!

Deer Lake Park

Us on the pathway around the lake

Gloria, Shelly and I
Girls pic!

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