Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wired For Success

So many of you have been asking me if I'm looking for a new job, if I've found one etc. And to most of you I've been delaying to reply simply because its just so hard to explain! So all at once i shall share the secret life of Bonnie, right here, right now, once in a lifetime opportunity! OK so after i quit Timmy's I went down to the youth employment place. I had a interview there with this lady to talk about what kinda job I'm looking for and to kinda make a goal for the career search. She told me about this program called Wired For Success. She recommended me to it and called up the guy who runs it. It is only like a block or two away from the employment place. So i walked up a few streets and met with him and he told me about the program. He told me to sleep on it and call him the next day telling him if i was interested or not. So basically the program/workshop thinger is you come to the place and learn about stuff and they help you find a job in the end. The whole goal of it is to find a job that you like because if you don't like your job then you wont stay at it. The workshop lasts about 6-8 weeks and it runs from 9am-3:30pm Mon.- Fri.. So some of the stuff that we will be doing is learning about workplace conduct, about our rights, and stuff like that. There's also going to be people coming in and talking about substance abuse because a lot of the people who get linked to this program are people who cant keep jobs because of substance abuse. So who knows, maybe God might use me in this program to minister. We are also going to be learning about work ethic and saving money. We will be going blueberry picking at some point and the proceeds of that goes to either the homeless shelter or a halfway house for youth...or something like that. And umm....ya its kinda like CAPP class but not. Oh and the best part, you get paid $8/h. So ya I'm going to do this workshop and then think about going to school in the Fall when the program is finished and then getting a job and saving for YWAM! Woot woot! So ya that's the news about job/school stuff. Now you know...the rest of the story!


TANYA said...

That sounds like a great plan and opportunity! Good luck with it, and I pray that you will find your hearts calling! Take care Bonnie!

Tamara said...

Sounds awesome, Bonster!!